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Your Guide to Slimline Aluminium Windows

In this article, we will cover:

  • What are slimline aluminium windows?
  • The different slimline aluminium frames available
  • How this type of window is fitted

What are Slimline Aluminium Windows?

Modern, stylish, with high curb appeal and excellent energy efficiency, slimline aluminium windows are a popular choice for UK homes. 

Despite their contemporary appearance, slimline aluminium windows are a modern take on a style of windows constructed in steel back in the 1800s. 

Steel-framed windows were strong and secure, but expensive to produce. By replacing the steel with aluminium, manufacturers made the windows accessible to the masses. Not only that but aluminium can be easily cut and shaped to any size while retaining its strength.

This means that the frames or sightlines can be ultra-slender, maximising natural light and preserving uninterrupted views. The same technology is used in our slimline aluminium doors.

What are the Benefits?

Energy Efficiency

Creating a sleek and stylish aesthetic, the slim frames and large expanses of glass are also highly energy-efficient. A polyamide thermal break combines with airtight seals for superior thermal performance. These thermal breaks also prevent interior condensation.

This extra insulation can help decrease your heating bills and your carbon footprint.

Natural Light

The large glazed areas and slim aluminium frames enable natural light to flood the room, illuminating and casting a warm glow over your home.

Beautiful Views

The thinner sightlines also mean you can enjoy stunning uninterrupted views.


Manchester Window Factory windows and doors are tested to ensure they meet British Police Security Standards. Our slimline aluminium windows have shoot bolt locking systems and internal beading fitted as standard. You can also increase your security by integrating an alarm system.


Our slimline aluminium casement windows are anti-corrosive and weather resistant, built to last and made to look good for many years. We offer a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee as standard. But slimline aluminium windows can last several more years with regular checks and cleaning.  

Since it is lightweight, aluminium is inexpensive to transport compared to timber or UPVC.

It is an abundant natural material and infinitely recyclable, so it has excellent eco-credentials for disposal.


Manchester Window Factory windows and doors are tested to ensure they meet British Police Security Standards. Our slimline aluminium windows have shoot bolt locking systems and internal beading fitted as standard. You can also increase your security by integrating an alarm system.

A Range of Frame Options:

Our range of slimline aluminium casement windows includes:

  • Top hung open out
  • Side hung open out
  • Tilt & turn
  • Fixed windows

Each style of window has its benefits and potential drawbacks.

Top hung open out

Also known as awning casement windows, this style is fantastic for privacy as they are typically located higher up the wall.

Side hung open out

This type of casement window has either fire-escape or easy-clean hinges, allowing you to clean the outer pane safely. Side-hung windows may require more maintenance than other styles, including periodically lubricating the hinges and hardware. However, they are limited in sizes and designs.

Tilt & turn

These windows give you options on how to open them, enabling you to control the ventilation. They are safe for pets and small children, highly secure and easy to clean.

Fixed windows

Fixed windows do not open, but can be used to create light in a dark room. They provide no ventilation, and the largest units can overheat if not properly designed and fitted.

Colours & Finishes 

Choose between a veritable rainbow of classic shades, such as white, black, and anthracite grey, pastel tones and vibrant hues, applied as a RAL marine quality polyester powder coat. If you want to keep the exterior of the house conservative but be a little bolder inside (or vice versa) you can opt for dual colour slimline aluminium windows.  


Aluminium has a contemporary elegance. If you are renovating a traditional period home, timber or UPVC may be better options. However, the range of styles of slimline aluminium windows has grown to offer more versatility.

You can choose how your window opens and closes, the number of glass panels, and the configuration.

You can personalise your windows with a range of glazing options designed to provide solutions in your home. From toughened laminated glass to acoustic, obscure and self-cleaning you can choose the double or triple glazing that best meets your needs.

Finally, our hardware collection includes heritage and Art Deco styles to help your windows blend seamlessly with your architecture and decor.

How are slimline Aluminium Windows fitted?:

Most small windows can be fitted in under an hour. For larger windows, you could be looking at closer to four hours. It all depends on the size, style, and location of the window. Here is a quick step-by-step guide to the process:

  2. Next, we’ll carefully measure the existing windows.
  3. On installation day, we will remove the existing windows, usually one at a time as we install the new units, to minimise drafts and disruption.
  4. Our expert fitters will take their time to ensure each window frame fits perfectly, flush against the surrounding walls. Badly fitted windows can result in drafts, condensation and dampness, so everything must be done correctly.
  5. We will seal the windows in place to protect against the elements and then install the glazing. 
  6. After that, it’s just a case of installing the handles and any additional locks.
  7. We’ll check everything is working as it should, then clean your new windows to remove any fingermarks and clear the area.
  8. You can sit back and enjoy your new windows.


Installing slimline aluminium casement windows can improve energy efficiency, lower your carbon footprint, increase your natural light and facilitate stunning views.

Whether you are renovating a new property or getting yours ready for sale, slimline aluminium windows are an attractive and highly functional choice.

How We Can Help

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If you have any questions on slimline aluminium windows or any of our other products, you can call us, email us or pop into our Altrincham showroom.

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