Triple-Glazing upgrades now available across EVERY product range!

Planitherm Triple Glazing

Planitherm glass helps our windows to achieve great energy ratings and makes your home more efficient.

A market-leading product, Planitherm windows use high-performance glass that has been developed specifically for the UK market and climate. It’s one of the most energy-efficient glazing solutions available.

Triple-Glazing upgrades now available across EVERY product range!

What is Planitherm Triple Glazing?

Planitherm triple glazing is a special kind of glass used in a triple-glazed window or door unit that offers extremely high levels of energy efficiency, along with all the other benefits of triple glazing, such as noise reduction and increased security. The number of Planitherm glass options mean that there is something from the range to suit every kind of home and situation, helping make a big difference to window performance and how your home feels. 

Available in windows as double glazing or triple glazing, Planitherm glass has a unique coating which enables it to block out unwanted external heat from the sun at the same time as keeping more internal heat in the home, making homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The ideal solution for sunny rooms and those with large amounts of glazing, such as bi-folding doors

Planitherm triple glazing is exactly the same to install as any other triple glazing sealed units, and can be used in windows and doors that have uPVC, timber and aluminium frames, making this a versatile option whatever style or age of property you have.

The benefits of Planitherm windows

There are multiple benefits to high-performance Planitherm windows, which include:

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Planitherm glass FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most common questions we’re asked about Planitherm windows below.

Planithem triple glazing offers advanced thermal insulation, reaching U-values as low as 0.6 W/m2k. U-values are a measurement of the heat loss through a window and the rate at which this heat is lost. Most other new triple glazed units offer a U-value of between 0.9-1.0, with double glazing reaching 1-2-3.0, so neither are able to match Planitherm’s performance. 

Planitherm glazing used in windows and doors is clear. The coating used to give it unique properties is transparent and does not affect the clarity of the glass in any way. This contrasts with many other thermally insulated glass from other manufacturers that can sometimes have a yellow tint. 

Planitherm glass can be fitted into uPVC, timber and aluminium window frames, making it a versatile option that fits with whatever types of frames you want for your home. If you have any questions about which type of window frame is best for your Planitherm windows installation, our team can help with specialist advice that takes your individual requirements into account.

The coatings and laminations used in Planitherm triple glazing are permanently sealed within the window or door unit and therefore are permanent and designed to last for the entire life of the glazing. These layers are totally transparent and will not discolour over time. 

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