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Tiled Roofs

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An increasingly popular option for conservatories is a tiled roof. When well-designed and properly fitted, a tiled conservatory roof can create a seamless transition from your main property to your conservatory, creating a more flexible living space to be enjoyed all year round. 

Benefits of a Tiled Conservatory Roof

Our tiled conservatory roofs in Manchester can be quickly and efficiently fitted to any existing conservatory. Our professional fitters can install your new tiled conservatory roof in around 48 hours on average. So you can enjoy the benefits almost immediately.

Stay cool in the hot sun and warm throughout the winter with your new tiled roof. Your conservatory will remain bright and airy thanks to high-quality ventilation. You should also see a reduction in your energy bills, with our fully insulated conservatory roofs achieving U-Values of as low as 0.15. This is approximately 10 times more energy efficient than an A-rated window, saving you money and helping you to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Tiled Roof Colours & Types

Composite Slate Tiles

Composite slate tiles, as the name suggests, are made of a mixture of roofing materials, such as recycled slate, cement, asphalt and fibreglass. Unlike slate, they are uniform in size, making installation easier. They are available in different textures and colours, including Brick Red, Pewter Grey, Chestnut, Plum, Red Rock, and Stone Black.

Less expensive than slate tiles, composite slate tiles are also impact and weather resistant. So they will not crack, split, peel or warp. 

Steel Tiles

Alternatively, you can choose one from a selection of steel tiles available in Charcoal, Moss Green, Antique Red, Ebony, and Burnt Umber.

Steel shingle roof tiles are more expensive upfront but are lighter and offer a longer lifespan than composite slate tiles (at least 15-20 years but often much longer). Highly durable and giving the appearance of a traditional tiled roof, steel tiles are a good choice if you plan to remain in your property for the next several years. 

Alternative conservatory roofs include our glass conservatory roofs, which you choose will depend on your requirements and preferences.

Tiled Roof Colours & Types

Once we have fitted your new tiled conservatory roof, we’ll finish the look by covering the internal surfaces with insulated plasterboard. Your tiled roof conservatory will have the appearance of a home extension, with all the benefits of large conservatory windows. 

You also have the option to include roof windows in your design, allowing more light to flow through the space. Last but not least, you can create the atmosphere you desire with your choice of downlights, recessed spotlights and concealed lighting options.

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Tiled Roof Conservatory FAQ's

It generally takes no more than three days to a week to install an average-sized tiled roof to an existing conservatory. However, if the conservatory is particularly large or repairs are necessary before work can commence, you will need to allow up to ten days. 

Modern tiled conservatory roofs require very little maintenance. More durable than a polycarbonate or glass roof, tiles also don’t show dirt as easily as those materials. This means you can go much longer between cleans. When you clean your conservatory roof, do so with a telescopic brush rather than a pressure washer, which can damage the seals. 

The average cost of a tiled conservatory roof in the UK is around £650 to £850 per square metre. So, you are looking at around £10K for an average-sized conservatory. 

Be aware that the complexity of the design, your choice of tiles, and where you are in the UK can all affect the price. 

If you are looking for conservatory tiled roofs specialists in Manchester, look no further. Our team of professional roofers and fitters is here to help.

Contact Manchester Window Factory via phone or email or fill in our online contact form to request a free, no-obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

The average lifespan for double glazing is anywhere between 20 and 30 years although much of this will depend on the type of glazing, materials used, and the weather that the double glazing has had to endure. At Manchester Window Factory we provide a fully comprehensive 10 year insurance-backed guarantee, covering all aspects of your windows and door installation.

The average price of a double glazed casement window is typically between £400 and £1,300 with materials.

We understand that jargon can make shopping for a double glazing window shopping a bit confusing. But we’ve got the expertise to guide you through any technical terms. 

  • Outer frame: 70mm multi-chambered profile which forms the outside of the window
  • Mullion: vertical profiles which fit into the outer frame or Mullion
  • Transom: horizontal profiles which fix into the outer frame of Transom
  • Sill: a surface which deflects water away from brickwork below, on which the window frames sit on top of. These can be 85mm, 150mm, 180mm, 225mm or 250mm.
  • Casement sash: the opening of the window which can be top-hung or side-hung
  • Dummy dash: a fixed sash for cosmetic purposes which does not open
  • Double glazed unit: two panes of glass separated by a warm edge ‘Swiss’ spacer bar filled with argon gas

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