Triple-Glazing upgrades now available across EVERY product range!

Flush Casement Windows​

Welcome to the hybrid era of casement windows

Combining the elegance of traditional design with all the features of modern style and engineering, it’s no wonder that flush casement windows are now the most popular choice in the UK.

Triple-Glazing upgrades now available across EVERY product range!

Distinguished by their classic lines that fit perfectly into the window frame, flush casement windows showcase the best in minimalist design where less is absolutely more. 

The smooth facade these windows provide creates a seamless and elegant look due to the way the window’s sash levels with its frame upon closing, making them ideal for any home, whether it’s a contemporary new build, or a character-filled heritage property.

Depending on your requirements, we can install these beautiful and increasingly-popular windows in a variety of materials and styles. Our uPVC flush casement windows can be manufactured in two ways; with contemporary ‘invisible’ welds or with a mock mortise and tenon joint for a more authentic look.

Due to their incredible versatility and tight seal when closed, flush casements are extremely good value for money, boasting luxury for less whilst saving on energy bills.

By design, these windows do not have a ‘lip’ and as such can hugely reduce the amount of heat lost from your rooms with estimates of up to 28% energy savings per year following the installation of high quality, energy-efficient windows.

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Casement Windows FAQ's

What Manchester Window Factory doesn’t know about windows isn’t worth knowing, so if your question isn’t answered below, our family-run business is here to help.

Casement windows are those which sit within a frame, using positioned hinges to enable the window to fully open out. The distinction with flush casement windows is that once closed, the window seamlessly sits within the frame, with no overlap between the two.

Not all uPVC windows are the same, and that’s to your benefit. Where uPVC may once have had a reputation for being a standard plastic window, this is far from reality now. Huge advancements in materials gives more choice than ever when selecting uPVC windows for your home – whether you’re on a budget, live near a busy road, would like a rustic look, or just want to be as energy-efficient as possible, you can tailor your uPVC to match your needs.

Casements windows are considered one of the most secure windows on the market today, particularly flush casement windows. As there is no overlap between the window and frame there are limited ways for intruders to gain access, making them incredibly secure.

Yes there is huge potential for cost-saving when it comes to your utility bills thanks to Casement windows. Because flush casement windows have such a strong seal on all sides, they can offer incredible energy efficiency. With double glazing or triple glazing, these savings could go even further.

Yes, flush casement windows are available in a range of colours to match your design aesthetic. White may still be the most popular uPVC colour, but blacks, greys, wood-tones and natural greens are increasingly popular for both modern and heritage looks. If you have something more specific in mind, our windows can also be colour-matched to any paint brand or RAL code using either paint or powder coating.

We understand that jargon can make shopping for a double glazing window shopping a bit confusing. But we’ve got the expertise to guide you through any technical terms. 

  • Outer frame: 70mm multi-chambered profile which forms the outside of the window
  • Mullion: vertical profiles which fit into the outer frame or Mullion
  • Transom: horizontal profiles which fix into the outer frame of Transom
  • Sill: a surface which deflects water away from brickwork below, on which the window frames sit on top of. These can be 85mm, 150mm, 180mm, 225mm or 250mm.
  • Casement sash: the opening of the window which can be top-hung or side-hung
  • Dummy dash: a fixed sash for cosmetic purposes which does not open
  • Double glazed unit: two panes of glass separated by a warm edge ‘Swiss’ spacer bar filled with argon gas

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