Triple-Glazing upgrades now available across EVERY product range!

Slimline Aluminium Doors

From uninterrupted views and maximising natural light to thermal efficiency, slimline aluminium doors offer a wide range of benefits.

Did you know that slimline aluminium doors are one of the best ways to maximise natural light throughout your home? Built to last and available in a wide range of styles and colour options, they can also help boost the energy efficiency of your home, without taking up much space.

Triple-Glazing upgrades now available across EVERY product range!

The Benefits of Slimline Aluminium Doors

Slimline aluminium doors from Manchester Window Factory offer several advantages over other types of doors, including 

Why choose Manchester Window Factory for your Slimline Aluminium Doors?

We install only the highest quality entrance and internal aluminium doors in Manchester, Altrincham and beyond. Our collection of slimline aluminium doors incorporates the latest innovations in glazing and security systems to create the best door systems for your home. No matter your style, we’ve got an aluminium door to complement it.

Not only do our slimline aluminium doors look fantastic, with ultra-slender frames for slim sightlines, but they also offer superior thermal efficiency.

Choose from a wide selection of stunning shades to complement your existing interior design.

Types of Aluminium Doors

There are a few types of aluminium doors, suitable for different homes and purposes. The most common types of aluminium doors are slimline aluminium doors, also known as heritage doors, entrance doors, and internal aluminium doors. 

Aluminium Slimline Heritage-Style Doors

One of our core products, our range of beautiful heritage aluminium doors comprises both internal and external doors. Both are available with our highly secure laminated glass and Ultion door barrels, with bespoke designs to suit every taste. 

Aluminium Entrance Doors

Ideal for the front, side or rear entrance of your home, aluminium entrance doors provide greater security without compromising on style. The main advantage to an aluminium entrance door over timber, PVCu, composite or hybrid is that they can be made much smaller and narrower or larger and wider than other doors. This means you can find an attractive, long-lasting, and secure entrance door to fit any space. Available in a stunning selection of finishes suitable for contemporary or period properties, aluminium entrance doors are an appealing option for many homeowners.

Aluminium Internal Doors

Internal aluminium doors help to divide your space without shutting out any light. Available with or without matching screens, these doors can be fitted into existing doorways or new openings, flooding your home with light without taking up space. Our ultra-thin sightlines allow for an increased glazed area, seamlessly connecting your rooms for a smoother transition.

All our internal doors in Manchester come with quality safety glass and durable hardware, perfect for a busy home. 

Custom Aluminium Doors

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so we offer a wide range of sizes, configurations, styles and colours to create a bespoke look to suit your taste. Match existing decor with a large variety of shades and finishes, from Scandi-styling to an Art Deco appearance, we’ve got something to give your home the wow factor you seek. 

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Slimline Aluminium Doors FAQs

What MFW doesn’t know about doors isn’t worth knowing, so if your question isn’t answered below, our family-run business is here to help.

Modern slimline sliding doors are very secure. Historically, glass doors were made from tempered glass and were notoriously easy to break. Contemporary designs use safety glass, either laminated or toughened, according to your preference. You can also go for double or triple glazing with added thermal efficiency.

Laminated glass is designed to ‘hold’ even when broken, preventing an intruder from entering through the frame.

A weak lock can be forced or broken without the need to shatter any glass. All the components are the best available, including durable hardware and secure locking systems. 

Our doors feature a multi-point locking system as standard, that prevents the door from being forced open. Anti-jacking systems stop the panels from being lifted out of the frame. It takes a lot of force to push a door off its track, but it is possible if someone is determined enough. A security bar and/or Ultion door barrels can be installed to prevent this from happening. You can also install a security alarm system to alert you to intruders on your premises. 

Other sensible precautions include limiting the view through the glass with frosted glass, hanging blinds or curtains, and moving valuable objects such as computers or TVs out of sight.

With our doors, you can sleep easy, knowing your home is protected against break-ins and damage. 

The average cost for slimline doors is around £5,000. This figure includes supply and installation by our professional in-house fitting teams. You also get a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee and Certass certification included in this price, so you shouldn’t need to factor in additional costs. 

However, several factors determine the exact cost. The size of the glass and size of the frames, how many panes of glass and the type of frame/ the materials used are the main factors. 

The colour and style of doors, the configuration, and the type of glazing will play a part, too.

Other factors to consider when calculating the cost are any additional features, security measures and the disposal of your old doors.

While there are many advantages to having slimline doors, including lots of natural light, a great view and improved ventilation, there are a couple of disadvantages too.

Firstly, they require a lot of cleaning. Large expanses of glass can quickly get dirty from fingerprints, particularly in houses with small children or pets. Condensation can build up, causing a greasy film, and various weather conditions can make glass dirty and dull. External glass doors also attract birds. However, they are also easy to clean and well worth the effort to enjoy uninterrupted views. 

Ultra slimline aluminium doors can be just 46mm thick, offering the thinnest sight lines. Such slender frames allow for larger glazed areas to create uninterrupted views and blend perfectly with your architecture.

Interested in Slimline Aluminium Doors?

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