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Design Styles

Choosing the right style of conservatory is a big decision.

Our specialist will spend as long as it takes to design a beautiful conservatory to suit your needs and budget. Once that’s done, you can leave it our capable hands to deliver on what we promise.

Conservatory Styles

Conservatories come in a selection of styles, so you can choose the best fit. 


One of the most cost-effective types of conservatory, a lean-to conservatory involves a simple design where the longest side runs along an external wall of your main property. Usually square or rectangular, this type of conservatory features a roof attached to the main property wall and angles down to the front of the new structure.


If you are looking for something fancier, the decorative finial and crestings of the Victorian conservatory may appeal. Very much in the traditional style, Victorian conservatories have steeply pitched roofs and suit properties of the same period.


Last but not least, the P-shape conservatory is a hybrid of the lean-to and Victorian or Edwardian styles. The P-shape is formed by combining the long line of the lean-to and the rounded end of the Victorian or Edwardian style. P-shaped conservatories may be slightly pricier than other designs, but they create an abundance of space, often enough for two separate rooms. 

P-shaped conservatories often feature a short (dwarf) wall around the bottom of the building. You could also opt for a fully glazed version.


Like the Victorian-style conservatory, Edwardian conservatories feature a pitched roof. However, the Edwardian style is much simpler, symmetrical and usually square or rectangular. The walls are flat, and the pitched roof maximises the available floor space. You are not limited by the projection from the house, so you can create the size of the Edwardian conservatory you want.


Another classic style you might want to consider is the gable conservatory. Named for its upright roof resembling the gable end of a building, the gable conservatory offers additional roof height at the front end. The roof doesn’t slope backwards, so you maximise floor space and natural light. This style can suit modern and period properties but requires adequate roof height to accommodate the apex. You may be able to combine a gable end with a hip-back roof for low rooflines and bungalows.

Bespoke Conservatories

Not only can we help you find the right conservatory for you, but our professional conservatory fitters will also install your conservatory. We take the stress out of your conservatory project, leaving you to enjoy your new living space.

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We are passionate about what we do. We will take the time to go through the ideal design specification to best suit your property and budget. We're not interested in sitting in your house for hours on end offering silly 'deals'.


All of our installers are directly employed by us and are paid a fixed salary. Unlike most other companies who use sub-contractors, our teams are given the time to ensure that your project is completed to the most exacting standards

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All IBGs are NOT the same. As members of The Consumer Protection Association, our insurance backed guarantee covers 100% of the contract value. Many of our competitors offer IBGs covering as little as 25%. We are a Certass registered company.

Conservatories FAQ's

Modern conservatory styles encompass a range of shapes. We’ve answered some of your FAQs regarding modern conservatory designs below.

P-shaped conservatories are a combination of a lean-to and Edwardian or Victorian-style structure. Extending in different directions, it is ideal for creating separate living spaces, such as a living or dining area and a playroom. This type of conservatory is best suited to large detached properties. However, the P-shape can be constructed in three or five sections, and the roof can be hipped or have a lean-to design. If you don’t want to sacrifice much garden space for your conservatory, a P-shape could be a good option. 

T-shaped conservatories are conservatories with a central projection into the garden. They can be Victorian, Georgian or Gable-style conservatories and are better suited to large properties with big gardens. The T-shape enables you to create two distinct living spaces, with a porch effect being a popular option. If you have a large garden but lack living space within your main property, a T-shaped conservatory is an excellent option as it eats into your garden space to maximise your living space.

Similar to P-shaped conservatories, an L-shaped conservatory combines the features of an Edwardian conservatory and a lean-to. This is a cost-effective option because this type of conservatory does not require a third wall. An L-shaped conservatory is also known as a Corner infill conservatory. As the name suggests, is ideal for maximising the space left by an extension or the L-shaped space between the house and garage. 

A uPVC conservatory should last around 25 years on average, provided it uses quality materials and is fitted properly. At Manchester Window Factory, you can rest assured we can guarantee both.


This is a considerable increase from the ten years a conservatory used to last, thanks to modern installation methods and better maintenance. 


The expected lifespan of your conservatory can be a big tick in the plus column when you consider the initial costs.  


Cleaning and properly maintaining your conservatory are essential to keep it looking its best and functioning optimally. Fortunately, uPVC does not require much maintenance and is easy to clean using soap and water or a common cleaning solution. 


If you are looking to build a new conservatory or upgrade your existing conservatory, Manchester Window Factory can help. Get in touch, and one of our friendly team will be happy to talk through your options to help you find the best conservatory for your needs. 

Interested in a new conservatory?

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