Triple-Glazing upgrades now available across EVERY product range!

Triple Glazing Windows

For a warmer and more energy-efficient home, Triple Glazing Windows offer a wide range of benefits.

Triple Glazed Windows can increase the energy efficiency of your home, reduce unwanted sounds from outside and come in a wide range of different styles and materials, with something to suit every property.

What Triple Glazing Windows offer.

Triple Glazing Windows from Manchester Window Factory offer an unparalleled system that includes:

Why choose Manchester Window Factory for your Triple Glazed Windows?

Our triple glazing windows incorporate a variety of technologies and features that aim to produce windows meeting the very highest standards of energy efficiency and build quality, designed to perform at peak levels for decades to come. Whether you choose triple glazing aluminium windows, or opt for uPVC or timber, our same quality and assurances apply.

With Argon gas between glazed layers, thermal chamber insulators and warm edge super-spacer bars all working together, our market-leading triple glazed windows can achieve A+ ratings. We are CERTASS members and our work is guaranteed for your peace of mind.


Ideal for many modern homes and available in a variety of colours

timber glazing design mockup


Perfect for period properties and more traditional building styles

Aluminium triple glazed window design mockup


Offering superb durability and low maintenance performance

Our triple glazed windows also come in a wide range of styles, from traditional sash windows to modern looks that suit a range of building types.

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We are passionate about what we do. We will take the time to go through the ideal design specification to best suit your property and budget. We're not interested in sitting in your house for hours on end offering silly 'deals'.


All of our installers are directly employed by us and are paid a fixed salary. Unlike most other companies who use sub-contractors, our teams are given the time to ensure that your project is completed to the most exacting standards

Peace of Mind

All IBGs are NOT the same. As members of The Consumer Protection Association, our insurance backed guarantee covers 100% of the contract value. Many of our competitors offer IBGs covering as little as 25%. We are a Certass registered company.

Triple Glazing Windows FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most common questions people ask about our Triple Glazed Windows to ensure you can make an informed decision about your window purchase.

The main difference between double and triple glazing in windows is simply that an additional pane of glass, along with the insulating gas between layers, results in enhanced energy efficiency, noise reductions and security when compared to identical double-glazed windows.

While there are many benefits to triple glazing windows, they might not be the best option in every single situation. 

Pros of triple glazing windows include:

  • Improving a home’s energy efficiency and energy rating
  • Offers more thermal efficiency by reducing heat loss through the windows 
  • Offers greater strength with three layers of glazing for more security
  • Offers greater rigidity and durability
  • Triple glazing noise reduction to a high level

Cons of triple glazing windows include:

  • Heavier than windows containing fewer layers of glass
  • Increase in materials used can mean a higher cost than other types of window
  • Homes with poor insulation elsewhere might not benefit fully from the insulating properties of triple glazed windows

The cost of triple glazing windows will depend on a number of factors, such as the size and number of the windows, the materials used (uPVC, Timber or Aluminium) and the window style e.g. triple glazed sash windows will usually cost more than standard windows. Generally, the more triple glazed windows you buy, the lower the cost of each individual window. There are also installation costs to consider, which will vary with the company carrying out the work.

We strive to deliver the best value for money possible with our triple glazed windows and installation services.

Getting triple glazing can be a straightforward way to significantly increase your home’s insulation and energy efficiency if you currently have single glazing or double glazing that has reached the end of its useful life. Whether this is worth it will depend on your individual circumstances and your home’s existing thermal and noise insulation performance. 

For example, someone living near a busy road or on a flight path may find the noise reduction properties of triple glazing to be transformative to their enjoyment of their home. For other people, this benefit would be less important to them. It all depends on the specific situation.

There can be several factors that affect how long triple glazing last, such as the materials they are made with, the weather conditions in the area you live and how well they are maintained. For example, triple glazed windows fitted in homes on the coast may not last as long as the same windows installed in a house inland. 

Our triple glazed windows are designed to last for decades when our care and maintenance instructions are followed.

Condensation forms on the inside of windows when water vapour in the air lands on the glass surface, which is lower in temperature than the rest of the room, and develops into droplets. As triple glazed windows provide more insulation than windows with single or double glazing, it’s common for less condensation to form on them. However, triple glazing windows won’t necessarily stop all condensation. Increasing ventilation is usually the way to prevent condensation from forming, along with keeping a constant temperature in the home when possible.

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