Triple-Glazing upgrades now available across EVERY product range!

Sliding Sash Windows

Authentic to traditional beauty of years gone by,
with the security and style you’ll want for the future.

Using a spiral balance system, sash windows can slide smoothly thanks to partially-hidden tension springs. This modern update offers a more slimline design than traditional weight and pulley sash windows, giving more room for larger contemporary panes of glass.

Triple-Glazing upgrades now available across EVERY product range!

Double Glazed Sliding Sash Windows

How sliding sash windows work.

Many sash windows are able to slide both up and down, giving you the flexibility of controlling your air flow and keeping your rooms well ventilated. MWF sliding sash windows also include inward tilting to allow for easy cleaning, and with the added bonus of no painting or maintenance required with uPVC, they are a wonderfully low maintenance option.

MWF offer three grades of UPVC sliding sash windows:

The Classic

Simple in design and A-Rated as standard, our Classic sash windows offer exceptional value for money.

The Mid-Range

With tilt-in sashes for easy cleaning and plenty of customisable detail in the design, it’s no wonder these are our best selling sliding sash windows.

The Heritage

For authenticity in modern uPVC sliding sash windows, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Timber Sliding Sash Windows

We now offer our clients the option of Accoya. Also, this amazing timber comes with a 50 year warranty.

Our Sash Window Glazing Options

Authentic period design remains a highly desirable feature on the UK property market, with sash windows a true symbol of this signature style.

Sadly, sash windows are assumed to be rattly and cold, but often this is simply because of the sheer age and construction from when they were installed, with many well over 100 years old. For new uPVC sash windows, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Modern uPVC sliding sash windows offer the very best of both worlds. Through customisation to fit the era and style of your home, our safe, secure and weather-resistant sash windows can give you the heritage look with all the benefits of contemporary glazing.

Made in the UK and offering a 10-year guarantee, MWF sliding sash windows are the most authentic way of achieving the traditional sash look on the market today.

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Sliding Sash Window FAQ's

What Manchester Window Factory doesn’t know about windows isn’t worth knowing, so if your question isn’t answered below, our family-run business is here to help.

Sliding Sash windows are essentially a window which contains one or more movable sliding panels, known as sashes. Most commonly the sash – the opening part of any window – moves up and down. However, on some modern uPVC sliding sash windows, the sashes can tilt in or can even be hinged to open inwards for an enhanced fire escape option.

Due to the fantastic unobstructed views offered by wide-open sash windows, they are sometimes mistaken as being not secure for the home. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth with sliding sash windows offering just as much security as any other window. 

MWF offers sliding sash windows with the most sophisticated locking systems on the market today. We install key-lockable fasteners as well as anti-jemmy bars as standard which are put in place to stop sashes from being moved by force.

Our sliding sash windows can be enhanced with an optional upgrade to laminated security glazing. As standard, our windows are built with Secured by Design features – the official police security initiative working to improve building safety.

Like so many aspects of home improvement, it can often look worse before it looks better! Dust is inevitable for up to two days when it comes to removing old box sash windows. MWF installers understand these challenges and are skilled in replacing windows with the respect and care that your home deserves to ensure that mess is kept to a minimum.

Our in-house joiners always use carpet protectors and dust sheets, and are specialists in window replacements offering our customers the assurance of efficient window installation.

In most instances, it is absolutely possible to replace sash windows for casement windows. It is recommended though to check local permissions first, particularly if your property is listed or protected from certain changes. Your local planning authority should be able to help. 

For all other homes where your existing sash windows aren’t quite working for you, we’d be happy to talk you through alternatives to sash windows.

Where architraves are an original feature of a property, they can be tough to part with. Many customers enquire as to whether they can retain their architraves when it comes to replacing windows. In the event that a full sash box needs removing, sadly it isn’t always possible to retain architraves.

If you’re interested in retaining this feature in other ways, it is possible to replace architraves with a close match or to have exact replicas manufactured, albeit at a higher price point. Alternatively, new windows can be installed as a box sash insert. Talk to our friendly team to discuss which option would be the best fit.

Classic uPVC sash windows are inspired by a range of periods in history and as more replacements are made to original sash windows, it becomes less obvious which style belongs to which home. 

Traditionally, Georgian sash windows were very uniform and built upon squares within its design, typically offering the ‘six over six’ panes. As the Victorian era emerged, individuality was celebrated more and thanks to the production of larger panes of glass, we see a lot more ‘two over two’ designs. 

During the Edwardian period, sash windows were far more likely to be varied, with ‘six over two’ a common choice. 

However, if you’re wondering how to best replace your sash windows and aren’t sure what style is best for your home, our friendly team will be glad to talk you through our options of classic sash windows. 

Interested in sliding sash windows?

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