Triple-Glazing upgrades now available across EVERY product range!

Internal & Integral Blinds

Integral & Internal window blinds offer a convenient, practical and stylish alternative to conventional blinds or curtains.

Internal window blinds and internal door blinds offer you all of the control for privacy and light that you could ever need, but without the hassle of cleaning blinds or having to navigate around them to clean windows.

Triple-Glazing upgrades now available across EVERY product range!

What are internal window and door blinds and how do they work?

Internal door and window blinds are a great option rather than curtains or conventional blinds, offering all of the benefits of blinds but none of the annoyances. The blinds themselves sit between layers of glazing in sealed units so they are protected from damage, require no cleaning as they can’t get dusty or dirty, and still provide great energy performance. 

Doors and windows with internal blinds have easy-to-use mechanism controls so that you can adjust the blinds to your preference whenever you wish, helping to shield you from the sun’s glare at certain times of the day, providing privacy when you want it and giving you a clear view on the outside world any time you like. They can also help with controlling the temperature of the room and will help prevent furnishings or other items near to the glazing from fading in the sunshine.

Anyone who has ever had conventional blinds will know that they tend to attract dust, dirt and can be a hassle to clean, as well as getting in the way when you want to clean the windows. When you have doors or windows with internal blinds, this simply isn’t an issue. This makes them a highly practical solution for lots of different types of windows and glazed doors.

Internal blinds for windows, doors and conservatories

Internal blinds can be an ideal solution for many different types of windows, doors and conservatories. You can choose from triple or double glazed windows with internal blinds and also opt for double glazed doors with internal blinds that are perfect for French doors, bi-folding or sliding doors. You can enjoy all the benefits of blinds but without having to compromise on energy efficiency or deal with cleaning and other maintenance.

Integrating internal blinds into double glazing

Internal blinds for doors and windows can come in a new sealed unit for straightforward installation in exactly the same way as any other modern glazing, and these versatile blinds can even be retrofitted into existing windows and doors as long as they meet the required specifications. 

They can be installed in window doors or frames made from uPVC, aluminium or timber, making this a really flexible option for many different styles and types of home. With the blinds essentially built-in to the window or door unit itself, you can choose from Venetian or pleated blinds, depending on your personal preference. 

The benefits of internal door and windows blinds

Some of the many benefits of integral blinds in windows and doors include:

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Internal window blinds FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most common questions asked about our internal door blinds and internal window blinds so that you can find out everything you need to make an informed decision.

Internal window blinds can be fitted to existing double glazed windows, as long as the windows have a space of at least 25-28mm between the layers of sealed glass. This is the required amount of space for the blinds and the mechanism to operate them. Most standard double glazed windows will fit this criteria but you should check with the original manufacturer.

As long as the windows themselves are maintained appropriately, the internal blinds in doors and windows can last for the lifetime of the glazed unit. In most cases, this is at least 10 years. For example, in some settings, such as coastal locations, the elements can be more wearing on the windows and doors, which may mean they need different maintenance or replacement schedules. 

Integral blinds are ideally suited to sliding doors, or bi-fold doors, because they can be made to measure. Fully ready units can be manufactured or internal blinds can be fitted to existing glazed doors if they have an appropriate gap between the layers of glass. 

Whether you choose to have internal pleated blinds or Venetian blinds, you can choose from a range of colours to ensure that your windows and doors fit with your preferred design style. From subtle neutral tones to brighter shades that add a pop of colour to the room, the look of your internal blinds is totally down to you.

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