Triple-Glazing upgrades now available across EVERY product range!


Conservatories not only create attractive year-round living spaces and connect your home to your garden, but they can also increase your property value.

Why Choose a Conservatory with us?

At Manchester Window Factory, we pride ourselves on bringing you the best conservatories in Manchester and the surrounding areas. Not only that, but we’re a full-service company providing installation and aftercare should any minor issues arise. 

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service to every customer. Our conservatories combine the latest glazing techniques with high-quality fittings so you have peace of mind knowing you can enjoy your conservatory for many years to come.

You don’t need to take our word for it, either. Our excellent Trustpilot rating and reviews on Trustatrader speak for themselves.

Here are a few of our USP’s

Design Styles

From P-shaped to T-shaped – and everything in-between, there are many different shapes and sizes of conservatories that you can choose from.

Tiled Roof

A cost-effective way of breathing new life into these spaces is to replace the roof with an Activ solar-glazed roof from The Manchester Window Factory.

Replacement Conservatory Roof

A cost-effective way of breathing new life into these spaces is to replace the roof with an Activ solar-glazed roof from The Manchester Window Factory.

Triple-Glazing upgrades now available across EVERY product range!

Traditional uPVC and aluminium conservatory installations

We offer traditional and contemporary-style conservatories in a choice of uPVC and aluminium frames and finishes.


Made from virgin plastics, our uPVC conservatories are an excellent match for more traditional conservatories, such as the Edwardian or Victorian. However, uPVC is a contemporary material and can also work with a modern design.

Maintenance Free

Whichever material and design you choose, you can rest assured that your conservatory will be properly insulated. Aluminium naturally retains heat, but uPVC is now fitted with heat-trapping chambers to restore the former deficit in this area.

Both materials effectively retain heat, and you can opt for triple glazing to further stop heat loss and ensure the conservatory stays at a comfortable temperature all year long. Underfloor heating or fixed or freestanding radiators can also help keep the space warm in the colder months.


Renowned for its strength and durability, aluminium is another popular material for conservatories. An aluminium frame allows for full-height windows, creating unrestricted views and a wide-open look.

Both options have pros and cons, but the choice is ultimately down to which works best with your existing property and budget.

Aluminium conservatories are usually more expensive than uPVC, at least upfront. You should consider that it usually lasts longer than uPVC, so could be cheaper in the long run.  

uPVC has a long lifespan and is rot-resistant, as does aluminium, and both require very little maintenance. Both are also easy to clean and carry high energy efficiency ratings.

Conservatory Fitters

Not only can we help you find the right conservatory for you, but our professional conservatory fitters will also install your conservatory. We take the stress out of your conservatory project, leaving you to enjoy your new living space.

Responsible Build Conservatories

The benefits of a conservatory

At Manchester Window Factory, we are committed to the creation and installation of responsible build conservatories.

What does this mean? Well, not only do we only use the best quality materials, but our expert craftsmen will also install your conservatory to the highest standard.

High-Performance Designs


Low-maintenance, long-lasting and durable, uPVC conservatories can help you create the ideal living space and connect your garden to your home. With many styles, colours and finishes available, you can create the conservatory you want, safe in the knowledge that it will look just as good in the years to come. 


Looking for something more traditional? Our bespoke hardwood conservatories are made from the finest quality hardwoods to create a beautiful look that will enhance your property. Choose from light and dark woods to complement your existing architecture and aesthetic. 

You can then choose your conservatory style, with Gable, Edwardian, and Victorian being the most popular styles for hardwood conservatories


Aluminium conservatories offer excellent weather performance, high energy efficiency, and great flexibility of design. Strong and durable, like uPVC, they require little maintenance and only basic cleaning to keep them looking their best.

Whichever you choose, you can complete the look with a range of glazing options and rely on our top-of-the-line fixtures, multipoint locking and security options.

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Glazing Options

Design and Installation Services


We are passionate about what we do. We will take the time to go through the ideal design specification to best suit your property and budget. We're not interested in sitting in your house for hours on end offering silly 'deals'.


All of our installers are directly employed by us and are paid a fixed salary. Unlike most other companies who use sub-contractors, our teams are given the time to ensure that your project is completed to the most exacting standards

Peace of Mind

All IBGs are NOT the same. As members of The Consumer Protection Association, our insurance backed guarantee covers 100% of the contract value. Many of our competitors offer IBGs covering as little as 25%. We are a Certass registered company.

Conservatories FAQ's

Our Design Styles page shows our different conservatory designs, including Gable, Edwardian, and Victorian. But modern conservatory styles encompass a range of shapes. We’ve answered some of your FAQs regarding modern conservatory designs below.

It usually takes between three and five weeks to build a conservatory. There are various stages involved. Firstly, you should check if you need planning permission for your conservatory. Most conservatories come under permitted development rights and don’t require planning permission. But there are exceptions.


If you are planning to build in a conservation area or your main property is a listed building, planning permission may be required. The height, width and length of the conservatory and the elevation you plan to build it against can also make planning permission a requirement. 


The parts of your conservatory will be manufactured offsite, so once you’ve confirmed planning approval (if necessary), Manchester Window Factory fitters can start work on the foundations and dwarf walls. Footings will be dug, and they will lay the base layers and level the floor. This part of the build usually takes three-four days and should be left at least a couple of days to settle – leaving it over a weekend is usually a good idea.


Once the base is solid, the frames will be built and glazed. Electrical work will also start at this stage. If the walls need to be plastered, they will need to be dry before the electrical work is complete and the floor is added. Your choice of flooring will also affect your timescale, as some floors require weeks to completely dry out. 


The size and style of the conservatory, the type of roof you choose and whether or not you require planning permission can all significantly impact the timescale. If major groundworks are required to support the build, this will also lengthen the time, so you could be looking at eight to twelve weeks all in.

We would recommend installing air vents in the roof of even a small conservatory, as they help maximise airflow and create more comfortable temperatures. The one exception is if your conservatory is north-facing and in a very shady area.


We can also install trickle vents in the frames of our double or triple-glazed windows. Air vents will help you to get the most out of your conservatory space. Air ducts should be checked around every 10 years and may need replacing.

Yes, as well as a choice of designs and materials, you will find our aluminium and uPVC Conservatories Manchester are available in a wide range of colour finishes to complement your existing architecture and personal style.

Our professional conservatory fitters in Manchester and beyond are fully qualified to install your conservatory. The number of installers required will depend on the size and complexity of the build. 

Interested in a new conservatory?

We design and install with lasting peace of mind. We’ll give you an honest quote without sitting in your house for hours on end. We don’t start off with one price, then dramatically halve it after a bogus call to a fictitious boss. We don’t believe in working that way. We never have and we never will.