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Popular Internal Door Ideas In 2024

In this article, we will cover:

  • The top door styles and colours for 2024
  • The importance of natural light
  • The top 4 internal doors for 2024

Interior trends are not confined to your walls, floors, and furniture. They also include the different kinds of doors that can make a big difference to your home’s overall aesthetic. 

Many 2023 door trends focused on external doors, and adding curb appeal to your property. 

This year, it’s all about bringing natural light and using colour and style to make a statement with the doors inside your home. 

In this guide, we’ll outline some of the top internal door trends for 2024, and how you can achieve them. 

Minimalist Design

Whether you are trying to sell your home or enhance it, minimalist design continues to dominate the interior landscape in 2024. 

Minimalist doors are characterised by clean lines and the absence of fussy decoration. Panel doors with two to four panels set in the frame are sleek and stylish and blend with any decor. Some doors have glass panels to maximise natural light.

While minimalism used to mean lots of chrome and monochromatic colour schemes, ‘new minimalism’ embraces colour and focuses on using high-quality, highly functional and sustainable materials.

Aluminium, glass, reclaimed wood and bamboo are among the key materials for this look. Fibreglass and composite materials are also becoming more popular. 

Smart doors enable homeowners to integrate enhanced security and automation in their homes. Offering peace of mind, privacy, and convenience, smart doors fit with the connected and intentional design trends of 2024. 

Minimalism doesn’t mean you must have the same door for every room.

Part of the minimalist trend is that each door meets a specific purpose and perfectly complements the space. 

For example, consider a frosted glass door for the bathroom instead of the traditional wood or a rustic stable door in your kitchen. 

Keep the hardware simple and coordinated with fixtures and fittings for a coherent look. Hidden handles are another big door trend for 2024.

How we think about doors is changing, with an increase in pivot and pocket doors leaning into super-functional design.

Bold Colours

Seen on both internal and external doors this year, bold colours bring instant personality to your home. 

Decorating your home is an act of self-expression, and those who prefer vibrant shades can use their internal doors and windows to make a statement. After all, it is much quicker to paint one door than a whole room. 

If your internal doors are wooden, you just need suitable gloss or semi-gloss paint in your chosen shade, and a good paintbrush (no loose bristles). It is easier to paint a door when it is horizontal, so take it off its hinges and lay it flat on a wallpaper table or covered surface.

You can also purchase uPVC and aluminium internal doors sprayed in a myriad of colours, from rich jewel tones to pretty pastels.

Some of the hottest colours for doors in 2024 include:

  • Mellow yellow – bring sunshine into any room with a yellow door
  • Zingy orange – orange is an unusual, artistic and optimistic choice 
  • Red – whether it’s rich ruby or cheery cherry, red doors symbolise prosperity
  • Teal – teal can be dramatic or calming depending on the tone and presence of contrasting colours
  • Dark green – long popular for front doors, dark green has moved inside to create an outdoor/indoor look
  • Electric Blue – a striking choice ideal for a creative space such as a studio 
  • Black – black internal doors are increasingly popular for their modern appearance and versatility 
  • Pretty pink & pastels – pink is a warm and cosy colour, ideal for a bedroom door or a snug, pastel doors add interest without overpowering a room
  • Soft greys – similarly grey doors complement most shades while allowing your decor to take centre stage
  • White – still the most popular for internal doors, white does go with any walls, floors, and ceilings

Natural Light

Natural light doesn’t just illuminate your rooms, it can also elongate a space, create a warm glow, or become a feature.

Rooms with lots of natural light are more welcoming and comfortable, improving your mood and encouraging clear thinking and creativity. 

Through clever use of glass, doors, dividers and mirrors, natural light can bounce off surfaces, creating interesting patterns and shadows.

Maximising natural light also means you need less artificial light and warmth, saving money on your energy bills and lowering your carbon footprint.

The Top 4 Internal Doors for 2024:

It is no surprise that aluminium features heavily in the top door trends for 2024. It ticks all the boxes for homeowner preferences in 2024:

  • It is minimalist and incredibly versatile
  • It’s durable and long-lasting
  • It’s customisable with a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes possible
  • It is eco-friendly to manufacture and infinitely recyclable

Aluminium Internal Doors

Aluminium can be cut to any size, meaning you can add an aluminium door to any space. Internal aluminium doors, screens and room dividers can be any shape and style, with many colour options available. Made with safety glass and high-quality hardware, they cope effortlessly with the rigours of a busy home. Lightweight yet robust with excellent green credentials, aluminium doors are the ideal mix of style and substance. 

Aluminium Slimline Heritage-Style Doors

Aluminium may not be your first thought regarding heritage style, but its versatility allows for bespoke designs, perfect for a modern or period property. 

The ultra-slim sightlines and huge choice of styles and configurations allow you to create something special.

Our stunning range of slimline aluminium heritage doors are available for internal and external use, providing timeless elegance to any space.

Aluminium French Doors

Traditionally, French doors were wooden. However, the shape, style and configuration make them iconic. Manufacturers are increasingly bringing the benefits of aluminium to this popular style of door. 

Aluminium French doors are an eco-friendly choice and highly energy efficient. They are attractive and low maintanence, ideal for a breakfast room or leading to a patio or conservatory. 

We offer strong yet slender frames and ultra-slim sightlines in five colours. 

Manufactured to British Security Standards, our aluminium French doors are available with laminated glass and Ultion door barrels. 

Bi-fold and Sliding Doors

Bi-fold and sliding doors are ideal for rooms where space is at a premium. Since they slide or concertina, you do not need a large space for an outward-opening door. They can delineate separate spaces while not blocking off spaces completely. Judicious use of glass panels in your sliding doors can create a seamless transition between rooms and allow you to see into the next room. You can use obscure glass in spaces where you desire more privacy and security, such as a bathroom, bedroom or home office. If you are concerned about fingerprints spoiling the look, you can opt for self-cleaning glass.

Our stylish sliding and bi-fold doors glide smoothly on tracks, giving you easy access at a moment’s notice. Choose from aluminium or timber frames, design your configuration and select a shade from the full RAL spectrum, including dual colours. They are also available with slimline frames to maximise natural light

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